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Our Family Tradition

Salmon jump
Photo by Mark Emery. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007.

Naknek Family Fisheries is a small, family-owned business formed in October 2006 by fishing family members. Our family has been involved with fishing commercially since the sailboat days in the 1950s, and we continue this tradition today.

We adhere to the Alaska Native foodways: appreciation and respect for our renewable natural resources, minimizing waste, and treating people equitably. Our fish is purchased primarily from Naknek beach setnetters, most of whom are family members and people with strong ties to the region and a history of use of the salmon resource.


All of our salmon products are hand-cut, and treated with the utmost care. We handle our products as if they are going to be consumed by our own family — bringing this amazing flavor and quality to you and your family.

In order to help empower fishermen in the region, we also offer custom processing services, and offer discounted processing to members of the Bristol Bay Salmon Marketing Cooperative.

All of the fish that is purchased by our company is iced and bled right out of the net, and carefully handled upon delivery. Our fishermen comply with these standards because we pay them a more competitive price than many of the major processing companies in town, and because they are committed to the success of our company.


Call (520) 488-9814 to place an order, or go to our Buy Fish tab to purchase online.

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