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Naknek Family Fisheries works closely with family member fishermen to hand-select only the highest quality salmon. We carefully handle the fish, and ice it immediately out of the net, to ensure the best flavor, texture, and quality.

We offer a number of convenient packaging and shipping alternatives to suit your preferences:

Fresh, gutted salmon (head on)

This product is available locally during the salmon season (June, July, and into August), within the State of Alaska, and most parts of the country where Alaska Airlines flies. We can ensure a fresh product through careful packaging in foil insulated liners, and frozen gel packs. In order to ship fresh fish on Alaska Airlines, we require a minimum order of 100 pounds.

Fresh or Frozen Salmon Fillets

We pride ourselves in offering only premium quality fresh or frozen salmon fillets. These fish are hand selected and graded on board. Once they are identified as the highest quality salmon, they are then iced immediately out of the net, and then picked up by our beach crew or delivered in insulated totes by the fishermen to our processing plant. Unlike other processors who sell “ocean run” salmon, we only sell the highest quality salmon. That means no net marks, no bruising or bleeding, and always the firmest, freshest taste.  We primarily distribute our salmon from our winter home in Tucson, Arizona.  Please call (520) 488-9814 for availability and pricing.  We can also do custom labeled and branded salmon if you are interesting in promoting your own brand with our high quality product.  The fresh salmon fillets is packed in a wet-lock box with an insulated foil liner, and plastic film in between the fillets to prevent scales on the flesh.  The frozen fillets are packed in attractive custom-designed vacuum pack pouches, and come in full fillet sizes.

Our sockeye salmon fillets are $12 per pound, plus any applicable shipping costs.  We can ship via FedEx or air freight.

Smoked Sockeye and Keta (Chum) Salmon

We offer an amazing frozen, vacuum packed smoked sockeye salmon product for $20 per pound.  We also have a limited availability of chum (“keta”) salmon for $16 per pound.  Our smoked sockeye salmon is featured at 5 points restaurant and market in their smoked salmon benedict, one of their top-selling menu items.  This is a very popular product, and is packed in about 8 ounce portion sizes.  Perfect for parties, entertaining, or just having for a slightly extravagant snack.

Shelf-Stable Smoked Products

We now offer a 6-ounce smoked, canned product that is convenient and tasty.  We offer the cans for $8 per can and can ship them anywhere in the country through the post office.  We also offer a flexible retort packaged shelf-stable product that is really nice for parties, as it is a 1-pound fillet that plates very nicely.  The 1-pound retort packages are $20 each and can also be shipped through U.S. postal service.

Custom Processing

This service is available both to our member fishermen and other Bristol Bay seafood harvesters. By offering custom processing in our DEC approved facility, we hope to stimulate additional markets for our fine Bristol Bay seafood products.

Depending on your needs, we can put a quote together for you to ensure that you have the exact product that you need.

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