Naknek Family Fisheries

from ship to shore, right to your door

We are a small family-owned company dedicated to getting the best quality salmon to our loyal customers.  Our family has been fishing salmon commercially in the Bristol Bay region for 6 generations.  Izetta Morris founded the company in 2006 as a way to share the flavor and intrinsic quality of the fish that we lovingly prepared for our families with discerning salmon aficionados.

You can place your order online from our Buy Fish page.

What sets our product apart from other salmon?

We select only premium sockeye salmon for our products.  Our family fishermen ice and bleed their fish right out of the net and take extreme care in getting these fish to the processing plant.  We work with fishing families to bring only premium quality products to market.

Here is one of our family fishermen in action:

Reise from Steelbird Productions on Vimeo.
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