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Our 2020 Salmon Harvest is in Tucson and ready for delivery

With a season that we didn’t know would even happen this year, we are pleased to announce that our 2020 salmon is now in Tucson and ready for delivery – right to your door! If you aren’t much of a cook, 5 Points Market & Restaurant features our salmon in their Smoked Salmon Benedict, a…

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Quality and convenience – delivered

For those of you living in the Tucson, Arizona area, Naknek Family Fisheries is offering a premium service for loyal customers. It works like this: for those of you wishing to incorporate salmon into your diet regularly, we can offer a discounted price if you purchase 10 pounds or more per month. This would be…

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Pulling pin bones from wild Alaska salmon

Because most of our products are packaged well in advance of the metabolic change that allows them to release their pinbones, the majority of our salmon fillets and portions have the pinbones in.  Here is a short video on how to pull the pin bones from the salmon fillet:

Smoked salmon gifts – just in time for the holidays!

We now have smoked salmon in shelf stable packaging for the holiday season.  $25 per 1-lb. package is the delivered cost.  We can ship via the U.S. Postal Service (free) or through FedEx (extra $5 per package shipping charge).   Email to place your order.  We now accept payments by credit card as well.

Updated contact information

Chet and I recently got new phone service here in Tucson. My number is 520-488-9814 and Chet’s number is 520-433-1527. The old cell phone numbers will be disconnected within the month and will no longer be valid. Our fish plant number is on vacation mode until we go back to Alaska and start our 2015…

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Naknek Family Fisheries manager featured as a Food Informant in the Huffington Post

During one of the earliest salmon seasons on record, our Manager, Izetta Chambers was asked to write about her experiences on a day-to-day basis during one week of the salmon season.  Here is the link to the article in the Huffington Post:

Alaska Public Radio

In Alaska, fish is an important component of daily life-as a form of food, the base of the seafood harvesting and processing industry and the target of a sport fishing tourism industry. But a few pioneers are testing out whether it might be a perfect supplement to farming in the state. Listen to the program…

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Alaska Journal

Izetta Chambers, owner and manager of Naknek Family Fisheries, recently won a $20,000 award from Alaska Marketplace for her new business venture, Alaska Bounty. The fourth annual Alaska Marketplace competition took place on May 5 in Anchorage. Winners collectively received $300,000 in seed money to get their businesses started. Chambers, who holds a law degree…

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The Bristol Bay Times

Naknek fishing family promotes Bristol Bay sockeye in Oregon The environmental groupTrout Unlimited has helped broker a relationship between Naknek Family Fisheries in Bristol Bay and a Portland grocery chain. The Naknek concern will handle a portion of the highest-grade sockeye carefully and ship it quickly on ice to Oregon. It’s part of a campaign…

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